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About Our Unique T-shirt Store

Neatees are unique t-shirts for men and women. they are sold in this on-line store only and are not available anywhere else. Each unique t-shirt is unisex or styled for women. Every t-shirt in NeatTees has a story. Stories that will be shared on the Neatees blog.

How Unique are the shirts?

You will not find our designs anywhere else online or in retail outlets, unless it is a commercially created t-shirt. We do that too, but our primary focus is using stories, adventures, thoughts and emotions and designing from those. Often the three contributors are just having a conversation and an idea develops into a shirt. Our pets and friend's animals figure in to the ideas too.

The NEATEES name story

NeatTees is the nickname for “”. What’s the story behind that name? One of the three designers of the NeatTees is Linnaea Mallette. Linnaea’s friends often shorten her name to “NEA”. Thus the NEA in “NEAtees.”

Why Linnaea’s name in the tees? Well, in the resurrection of Linnaea’s love of photography a few years ago, she has begun traveling extensively with her friend and business partner (and primary designer of Neatees) leaving her hubby, Bruce (third designer of Neatees) at home. He is a musician and cannot always get away. Linnaea brings back to her hubby a t-shirt representing the location(s) visited.

What Linnaea loves about this practice is the wonderful memories that come to mind when Bruce wears the shirts. T-shirts are, well, just fun. Fun to shop for, fun to wear. Fun to remember the story behind them.

Now the three of us are having fun creating. Given Nea’s passion for t-shirts, the shop has incorporated her name.

So, there you have it. The story of NeatTees. Linnaea, Bruce and Circe welcome you and invite you to enjoy the stories, the fun and unique Neatees.


email: tees (AT) neateeshirts (DOT) com

call: (609) 474-4789; (661) 221-9651